Experiments with Fused Plastic

I decided to share these two experiments that I did today, by way of fusing old plastic shopping bags with a household iron. The images are done with the kind of Sharpie marker that is designed to write on CDs etc. The plastic shrinks and wrinkles, giving an interesting effect by creating texture and morphing the images drawn onto the bags:

black hand on fused plastic 1

nude woman on fused plastic 1

The photo quality aint great, but you get the idea. I think plastic could be a good medium with which to do pop art. I like the idea of the hand, since you could think of plastic as being today’s cave wall, or it may evoke thoughts about the hand and its relationship to the plastic bag.

Mixed Media Collage with Words, Textures, and Patterns

The following are some of the collages I have been working on, which aren’t to be viewed as finished works, but as small bits of what will be larger assemblage works, and may even end up being painted over to some degree.

I work up textures and patterns, and I also write stream of thought prose, or repeated words and sentences. I then cut these up with an A4 sized paper trimmer, as it’s much easier on my hands than using a knife, and ensures each strip sits flush against the next.

Cut up 1 001

Cut up 2 B and W 001

Cut up 3 001

Cut up 4 001