Audio Poem: Precious Deformity

From a time when I mostly enjoyed writing cerebral symbolic kind of stuff. I’m not sure what to make of this one now, but I do still love the sample at the beginning of the track, which was taken from a session of just holding the mic up to an old TV and changing the channels at random intervals. It was from one of those COPS shows, where a guy is being arrested.

Song Share: China Girl, David Bowie

Well, his passing hasn’t really sunk in, but I started thinking about which of his songs would be my favourite, which I couldn’t, but this one has some great symbolism, to do with heroin addiction ( a recurring them in his music).

My own little re-appropriation is to have it refer to the Chinese arts, in particular, Chigong, for example:

“…and when I get excited

my little China girl says

Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.

She says









Addressing you
by your true name,
calling to you
from the highest peak
above persistent low cloud
and heavy weather,
is the voice
of Lost Mountain
singing a song of lament
for your absence,
sad for the love
it can no longer share.

So subtle is the melody
that to imbibe it,
your heart becomes an ear,
and your mind becomes an eye,
and your eyes become fingers,
and your hands are therefore left
to be lips,
lost for words,
pressed together,
still and upright,
so as
to at least
humbly mirror
such a quiescent gesture.



Experiments with Fused Plastic

I decided to share these two experiments that I did today, by way of fusing old plastic shopping bags with a household iron. The images are done with the kind of Sharpie marker that is designed to write on CDs etc. The plastic shrinks and wrinkles, giving an interesting effect by creating texture and morphing the images drawn onto the bags:

black hand on fused plastic 1

nude woman on fused plastic 1

The photo quality aint great, but you get the idea. I think plastic could be a good medium with which to do pop art. I like the idea of the hand, since you could think of plastic as being today’s cave wall, or it may evoke thoughts about the hand and its relationship to the plastic bag.