Poet Voice and Why We Should Stop Worrying About It

Some weeks ago i posted a link to an article about Poet Voice, but came across this one today – an opinion piece about why we should forget about it and just perform our poems the way we do:

Poet Voice

Came across this article today. They’ve researched what they call ‘Poet Voice’ – something I’ve wrestled with myself when doing spoken word, but it seems like if it’s not this then it’s getting into poetry jamming, theatre, or rap, and it’s easy to overdo these to the point of cringe.


Audio Poem: Connotations Unravelled

I have uploaded some old recordings of mine to YouTube.
This one is for all the young aspiring artists who are getting a hard time from their parents, not explicitly, but just in the little connotations in the things they say from time to time. The idea of this poem was to unravel and amplify these connotations as much as possible:

I will post some more of the tracks soon.