Bill Cosby: guilty.
So dispicable, isn’t it?

The man’s god-like; an icon;
the face of the American

The object of hope and grace
is now one of shock and vitriole –
a mirror to everything
we hate about ourselves;
human, all too human?

Like Lucifer, the bringer of light,
his love of God was so deep
that he refused to bow
to the Lord’s lesser creations.

Difference is, he’s been trying,
trying so hard to balance
out the ledger ever since,
knowing he wouldn’t be able to
achieve that from a prison cell.

I mean, do you think Jules Winfield
marched straight from delivering
the case to Marsellus
over to the county sherrif?

And hell, could the purpose of sin even be
to create the kind of debt that motivates
good deeds, like how Germany
takes in all those refugees?

Well, whatever.
One thing we can see
is that the ‘media/lawyer T.V. show’
continues to be the highest rating;
former celebrity appearances include
Hulk Hogan, Bill Clinton, O.J. Simpson,
and the list goes on …

Predictable as it is, we just can’t
get enough of it can we?.

Can’t help but love to hate
that baby-face turned heel.


As she lay there
under the debris,
bleeding to death,
I kept saying
the dumbest kind
of cliched things.

Stay with me.

Help is coming.

Look into my eyes.

You’re gonna be okay.

As it felt the life
departing from hers
my hand’s grip
instinctively tightened.

The feeling
in my heart
of utter futility
as the blood
trickled gently
from lips
which, seconds ago
were trying so profoundly
to tell me,

I ask myself on waking,