Big Shining Thing (poem)

There’s talk in the media
about the importance
of saving for our retirement,
which is much more important these days
when you consider there probably won’t be
Superann for us, or if there is,
it’ll only kick in
when we’re about
seventy five or something.

Pam’s in her eighties
and has implemented her own
self-imposed austerity measures
in order to save for her
own funeral.

Her husband Peter
never really saved
and when he kicked the bucket
Pam had to pay
for the whole thing.

The money she borrowed
took her years to pay back
and now she lives
in the council flat
right next door to me,
which friends from
her former life
refuse to come within
cooey of.

She said they make
married life
out to be
this big shining thing,
but it’s really not like that
at all and it’s actually
bloody hard
and I’m probably better off
without it,
so enjoy.