Collage with Coupons and Handwriting

Collage with coupons and poem 001 for web


Collage with Coupons and Writing on Paper


Because the coupons (which are just printed on the back of supermarket receipts) are so thin, I didn’t glue them, but instead, cut them to the width of double-sided tape, and did the same with the draft of the poem. I stuck the tape down on the surface, and then peeled off the backing to reveal the adhesive, and then stuck each strip down side-by-side.

Studies Done with Indian Ink on Paper

Portrait of female 07.01.16 001 for web

Self Portrait 07.01.16 ink on paper for web

I have been wanting to be a bit more expressive in style, and to loosen up a bit. However, when you get RA, it’s not a good idea to have the hands tense for a period of time, which can happen easily when using pencil, pastel, etc, since you need to press harder to get that thinker and darker line.

I have been doing these studies with a light grey, mid-grey and black. So I just dilute the ink for the grey tones, and store it in little screw top containers. The top image was done with a number 3 brush, while the self portrait was done with a Chinese sable brush.The nice thing about the Chinese brush is the variety of kinds of stroke that it allows.

I guess you could think of these as drawings done in a painterly way, where there is an initial layer, or ground, just made up of free brush strokes, and from there I build up tones with density of strokes. Contour lines and little details are left to the final phase. The tricky thing to keep in mind is you don’t have any white to do highlights, so you have to be careful to dodge the lightest areas.


Peering out
from the window ledge
beside my bus seat
at a large piece
of cardboard
clasped between
is an Origami swan
folded from,
could that be,
a pharmaceutical receipt?