You Can Now Purchase Art Prints of My Work on Society6!

I’m pleased to announce that anyone in the world wanting unsigned prints of my past work can now choose from the variety that I have put up for sale here on Society6.

They offer art prints in a variety of sizes to suit. They don’t sell originals on this site, but most of the originals of these are still for sale, so just contact me through¬†the contact page on this site if you’re interested.

The link again:

Three Mixed Media Collages with Circle Motif

Circle #5

Circle #4

medium blue back inner and outer circle black segs framed frontal


Well, as you can see, I have been continuing on with the series of works devoted to the centred circle motif. For these three pieces I went with a lighter tone of blue for the background, and a subtler texture, by way of using finer sea salt with the watercolour.

The circles, cut from paper primed with sand texture, and poured onto with various acrylic colours, you will notice are slightly smaller than the black circle onto which they are glued. This is for practical reasons, and I think it gives the added effect that one is peering into a portal. The segments cut out of the circles I see as suggestions of euclidean space in three dimensions, and as relevant in two dimensions as quantities, judgments, or phases in a cycle which contains its own novel feeling, atmosphere, or mood.

We use the term “sync” a lot these days, and maybe the third piece could be seen being “out of sync”. Two dimensions, or entities co-existing, but not resonating, perhaps.