Doco Recommendo: This Dust of Words

This is one of my all-time favourite documentaries. It’s about Elizabeth (Liz) Wiltsee, a brilliant young woman who excels in every school subject, has a 200 IQ and a special love for literature/writing. It’s the story of a bright light’s slide into paranoid schizophrenia, and a possible mystical experience when homeless towards the tragic end of her life.

Karen Carpenter: Kickass Drummer (Drum Solos)

Karen, I think, is one of the best vocalists ever, who I think is often dismissed, just because of all that commercial radio play. When I listen to her, I’m always amazed by the range, timing, phrasing, and confidence.
There is an authenticity to some of those songs too.

She was also a great drummer in the days when the idea of female drummers was almost unheard of: