Pushing Buttons

God bless you, Graham,
for you exist, and that’s about it.

You piss people off as little as possible
considering the demands of your job.

You have everything
that no one would wish for
and remember that Jesus
was kinda like that.

Just like the sun on a dismal day
you try, but no one notices.
No one, that is, but the father,
or rather, the cosmic bus driver
who regards you
as he would a four-year-old
who keeps pushing ‘STOP’
for the sake of it.

And when you learn the great truth
that flesh is inferior and
this world is a prison
your pain and your anguish
will have meaning.

And your next drink of water
will taste as it would
to one who had walked
the desert
for forty days
and forty nights
and you will look
into the light
and laugh
like the fool
who has seen himself
just as he is
for the first time.



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