Interview with Paul Simon’s Biographer

Here’s an audio interview with Robert Hilburn, the author of the new Paul Simon biography called Paul Simon, The Life.
I found it somehow reassuring to find out that Graceland came about after a very low period in Paul’s life, after having made the decision to go it alone, which initially didn’t go well, and led to a lot of self-doubt/depression.
Also, it was interesting to find out that he’s done Ayahuasca, quite a few times, and that, while it wasn’t an addiction, it did become a problem for him, and he had to stop it.

Hello Elohim

An interesting fact about the Judeo-Christian religions is that, while they claim to be monotheistic, the true term is Henotheism where one god acknowledges the existence of other gods, but insists you worship them solely.

Also, the two terms used for god in Genesis, Elohim and Jehovah, underline this, since Elohim is the plural, and Jehovah, the singular.