ALL GOOD (poem)

After having done
extensive research,
the Devil, long ago,
decided that,
at least for the most part,
his best strategy
is to appear in a form
the people find pleasing.

Whether there’s a physical
price tag with it or not,
the true cost of consumption
need not be disclosed
to the customer,
because whatever it is,
he’s more than happy
to just put it on your tab,
and everything’s all good for today.

Just for today,
you can feel any way
you want to.
You can be the axis mundi
and escape
from all of your pressures.

You can throw caution
to the wind, like I am,
as mouthful by mouthful,
I allow this wolf
in sheep’s clothing
to stream through the gate
and along into
the spoiling pastures
of my innards.


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