Song of the day: Straight Lines – Suzanne Vega

One thing I love about Suzanne Vega is how she is able to stick to the same genre of songwriting, but remain fresh. She has a charming way of writing about the most obscure little things from her life, which pique our curiosity more on each listening.

Did you know that this song is based on a school history project where she had to interview someone elderly about what they recalled of life in 1925? She chose to interview an old lady who would sit at the window across from the apartment where Suzanne lived, smoke cigarettes gazing down at the “filthy concrete between the buildings”.

The old lady remembered that 1925 was when the women began to cut their hair shorter, among other things. You can read the interview in “The Passionate Eye”, a volume of her poetry, lyrics, and the odd interview (one of which is by her friend Leonard Cohen).

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