While writing these words,
dear reader,
I am picturing you as a fantail,
which, by some beautiful accident
or miscalculation,
has found its way into my home.

What took you so long to get here?

I’ve been preparing feed for you
every morning
in anticipation of your arrival:
breadcrumbs, seeds, fruit, …
whatever you prefer,
all laid out on separate trays.

Think of it as a smorgasbord
intended purely for your pleasure.

Are you wounded?
Don’t worry;
we’ll get you on the mend.

I even have the calming
sounds of nature
playing on my speakers
to help you feel at ease.

Come, perch yourself
upon my index finger.

Let me acquaint you
with this little cage
of consonants and vowels
which I have constructed
especially in the hope
that you will do me the honour
of being my guest
for the eternity
of seventy three seconds
and then allow me,
if you so please,
to experience the feeling
of releasing you,
out again,
into the forest,
without ever having
known your name
and without you having
given a damn
about mine.



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