Your silence used to confuse me.

On those first evenings
we spent together
I used to try to remedy my confusion
by telling you my views
and asking you
all sorts of tiresome questions.

After only a few evenings of this
you turned to me and said
    – You know, you don’t have to talk.
which seemed a bit blunt,
and may have offended me
if it weren’t for your eyes,
at the same time, intimating
    – I just enjoy being with you,
so stop trying to impress me, fool.

and then your arm
guiding mine around you,
my hand into yours,
as we curled up on your bed
and watched T.V.

Later on, I recall,
you got up, went to the bathroom,
and re-entered wearing your new lingerie:
    – So, tell me …
you asked, as you struck a pose,
    – what do you think?




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