First Words (poem)

First words
perched atop
a sculpture
of symbols,
and which is
composed in a style
common to the period.

Reclining confidently
with feet up
upon a sky-scraper
engineered to hopefully
withstand the impact
of a fundamentalist critic’s
malevolent terrorist attack.

Attempting to draw your interest
like a scantily clad model
high up on a billboard,
or a curious,
charismatic cult leader, perhaps,
who provides the premise,
without which,
no righteous action would follow,
but which, sometime after
the first stanza,
gets corrupted
by the desire to control.

Just take a look now
at the mess
that has been made
of such a pure,
well intended beginning.

Hear the resignation evident
in the tone of its creator.

But what a good parent is he
who can, at last,
find it within his heart
to forgive himself,
let go his ideal,
and admit that witnessing his child
grow into something
he didn’t quite plan,
to his surprise,
was the best outcome
he could have conceived of.




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