Sketch and Brush and Ink drawing of Female Dancer

Sketching with brush and ink has been relatively easier on my arthritic knuckles than sketching with pencil, so I thought it would be even better for me to minimalise the work required from the fingers. The solution I thought of was lyrical line drawing, the like of which Henri Matisse became well known for.
I did a search for “female dancer”, found some that I liked, and picked one out to firstly do a regular line drawing of in pencil, and then translate into the thicks and thins of brush and ink:
Dancer prelim drawings 001


This small scale flatters me a bit, as there are really some hesitant lines, but my hope is that with continual practice, I will figure out the best schemata of brush strokes, and will then be able to play with the image a bit more.

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