Self-Portrait, Study in Brush and Ink.

This time around I decided to use Indian ink, as opposed to the acrylic ink I used on the previous study. What I found is that Indian ink is definitely more consistent, but doesn’t seem to hold in the brush for as long as acrylic ink. So with Indian ink it’s not long before the dry-brush effect starts to happen, which, of course is useful if you want to exploit that kind of look, but my aim is more to find the best substitute for the pencil. This is because with arthritis you don’t want to be having to apply pressure to get those bold lines you sometimes need.


Self portrait study in brush and ink 001

Since there is no tonal variety in this medium, I chose to use directional line to indicate light and shade. The focused look in my eyes always makes me look like a psycho in self portraits, but this, like the previous study is intended to be just more collage material for larger works anyway.

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