The Dreamscape (poem)

After getting dressed
I turned on the radio
to the sounds of fighting talk
and war dances
followed by reports
of the spread of a deadly virus
which, apparently is much worse than AIDs
and is transmitted
through the exchange of bodily fluids.

As I ate breakfast
I recalled a dream in which
I tried to take a snapshot
of a gorgeous landscape,
which I had hiked with friends
for hours just to see.

I remember the rush of accomplishment I felt
as I pushed the button on my cellphone
and captured the snow-capped mountains
set against nectarine skies
so perfectly.

This image will heal all the world!
I exclaimed to those around me,
with a tone of certainty
associated mostly
with politicians and madmen.

So, may I suggest
that if you should
come across me in a dream,
by all means,
remember to ask me to show you
the dreamscape
saved on the dream sim-card
inside my dream cellphone,
and after it has brought a tear
to each of our dream eyes
remind me to upload it
to the dream cloud
so you can download a dream copy,
and then share it
with all of your dream friends,
with a warning, however,
to resist the urge to recreate this beauty
in the waking world,
lest our shared experience of the sacred
be reduced to just another tourist snapshot
or painting of the cheesiest kind.


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