Mixed Media Abstract Painting with Reconstituted Frame

There are so many discarded frames out there which really were good looking in their day, but have been through the wars over the years. I purchased one for about two dollars, removed the faded old print within, and painted glue over the top, upon which I then sprinkled talcum powder. The reason for this was that I was making no real progress trying to sand it back, so I thought the powder would give me a new surface for the successive paint layers to grip onto.
Then I chose to make a DIY texture paste by mixing one part white acrylic, one part talcum powder, and half part PVA glue, with water to achieve my desired consistency. The surface of the frame was already dented in a number of places, so my aim was to give the paint a rough and bumpy look.
I have added a close up so that you can see how I got some incidental crackle effect, which was unintended, but I think I will use this intentionally in the future.
With the circle series that I’m working on, I am purchasing frames first, and making the pieces to go with them.

reconstituted frame


reconstituted frame close

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